NBA Fashion At Its Peak

Stars and icons have always been the source of every unique fashion trend. NBA is no exception, and with our top basketball superstars, nothing is more interesting than knowing their unique sense of fashion and eventually sporting at least one of them.Let’s start off with their footwear. More often than not, basketball fanatics and a huge mass of fans would often go crazy buying shoes that their favorite player had recently worn. In every game, spectators’ eyes await the entrance of the players and bluntly comment on the style and brand of shoes worn. Aside from the best-selling Nike shoes, Reebok, Adidas, and the like, some NBA icons sport shoes especially designed for them; thus, having their name as a brand. While most of these shoes are available in any NBA store, some of these are strictly sold to the privileged few. The most popular styles in NBA are the high-cut shoes for better ankle support and very sturdy shoes because of the pounding their position takes. Others such as former Dallas Mavericks forward Johnny Newman chose to wear low-cut shoes for increased mobility.Next in line is the jersey. Most of the NBA home uniforms are predominantly white except for Los Angeles Lakers which is gold. Printed in front is the city’s name with the player’s number. The player’s name is found at the back with his number also imprinted. Similar to the footwear, some jerseys are branded based on the name of the most popular NBA star such as Jordan Jersey or Jeremy Lin Jersey.This next fashion was patterned after Dennis Rodman, the infamous player who had his body tattooed all over. Players started adorning their arms and legs with body stamps. It even went as far as having a tattoo on the chest of Atlanta Hawk’s Jason Terry which featured the area code (206) of his hometown (Seattle). Probably the most unique is Portland Trail Blazers’ Damon Stoudamire who had a tattoo of his favorite childhood hero, Mighty Mouse.Who wouldn’t notice the evolution of these players’ shorts? It was Boston Celtic’s Larry Bird and Utah Jazz’s John Stockton who first sported the short shorts with an even tighter fit. Michael Jordan then popularized baggy shorts, followed by former University of Michigan teammates Jalen Rose and Chris Webber who both preferred the relaxed fit of extra-large shorts. Over the years, NBA shorts had become longer but not lower than an inch above the knee.Now this could have raised the ladies’ eyebrows, but our favorite players surely did look cool and they still do at present. Headbands, which were originally worn for tennis, have become popular when NBA icons such as Seattle Supersonics guard Slick Watts and Lakers’ great Wilt Chamberlain sported headbands throughout their career which later became part of their uniform. Some wore headbands as a sign of unity throughout the playoffs. But, nothing beats the unique fashion style of Indiana Pacers and New York Knicks who had their heads shaved off as a sign of oneness.NBA definitely stands high in the world of fashion. And as one NBA season comes after the other, its one-of-a-kind fashion statement remains at its peak.